Our Story

Brought together by divine intervention

Our business, Alexa Jade, is the evolution of a journey in which two friends and divine intervention played a role. Eight years ago, a beautiful friendship was formed between two people who have come to realize their relationship is multi-faceted. We have shared so much that it was only natural to create more dreams together and start a business.

In 2011, we (Suzie Meller and Susan McCaffery) decided to put our passion for fashion into motion and started a jewelry and accessories business. We began selling our merchandise at shows, private parties and fundraisers. Both of us had other full time jobs, but wanted to get our feet wet in the fashion industry. Early on, we decided that brick and mortar wasn’t for us and we toyed with many ideas. Since we were very well received wherever we went, we knew that our business endeavor could evolve into something bigger. After being asked repeatedly by our customers if we had a website, we decided the web was the way to go for us.

In October 2012, our business came to a complete halt, when my oldest daughter, Karli Jade, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a cancer of the blood, at the tender age of fourteen. We spent months undergoing treatment at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. This was the start of a journey, an eye opening, life altering experience that has changed our lives forever. I remember the initial devastating news that my teenage daughter was going to lose her hair. We went to a specialty store to buy scarves and at the counter found different color stones to represent the many types of cancer. We now joined a team with courageous warriors and were proud to show our color to the world. Purple is the color of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and most cancers have a designated color that not only creates awareness, but has become part of their identity. We will always be proud members of the purple team.

When my daughter’s treatment came to an end and our lives went back to our pre-cancer days, I strongly believed two things. First, that I wanted to always be able to give back and help raise crucially needed funds to help support research and foundations that assist families suddenly thrust into this world. Secondly, I wanted to create a line of jewelry to reflect every cancer color. Beautiful pieces with such intimate meaning that they will always be worn close to your heart. Jewelry for the Journey is our new line of decorative accessories that we designed to always remind us that we are strong, courageous and beautiful. It is an honor to have our creation be a part of your journey. We hope these pieces provide strength, love and hope to all who wear them.


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