Flying With Chronic Pain – Tips And Tricks From A Disabled Traveler | Young Chronic Pain [Cc]

Hi guys, it’s Mo here. Today I want to talk about chronic pain and flying because flying with chronic pain is so difficult at the best of times and at the worst of times it’s unbearable so I always have kind of a checklist that I like to keep and I like to go through to make sure I have all of these items before I even get to the airport. So there are a few things that I just have to have on the plane with me when I am flying for my chronic pain one of them is my wedge it’s a pretty decent sized wedge I got it on Amazon and I always like to bring a wedge to put under my legs when I’m flying it really helps with my back pain and keeps my legs as elevated as I can get them and I really thought it wouldn’t be possible I thought flight attendants but give me trouble wouldn’t let me bring it aboard because it’s a pretty decent size but I didn’t have any trouble I didn’t even have trouble when I was going for like international travel everyone was fine and it’s like boom big boy foam wedge another thing is my cane which I actually do have right here this is my foldable cane that’s what breaks down like this then this part and this part actually glow in the dark so at night when I wake up and I’m like oh gosh old lady mode I have a cane that I can see and I can always spot it so it’s really handy dandy I you have to have a foldable cane if you’re a cane user don’t just suffer through bringing the big one everywhere because it’s very inconvenient also a neck pillow is really really good it’s good just for your back for your neck for sleeping you can also shove it behind you if you need extra lumbar you can shove it under your arm if you armed needs to be supported while you scroll through your phone you can use it for all kinds of things and a lot of times you can just get what are they those hooks like those clamps the climbers use and you can just clamp it onto your backpack so you don’t have to carry it oh and hole so my my seat cushions are very special to me I appreciate them very much I keep them in my wheelchair at all times if I’m using a cane and walking around when I sit down I always have my seat cushions in hand and they’re just so good if you have back problems you really should be sitting on a seat cushion wherever you go and I mean wherever you go so I always bring one for behind my back and also one for under my bum to give me as much support as possible and once again I haven’t had any problems for flight attendants when I’m bringing my wedge my two seat cushions my extra med back which I just found out about this recently it was amazing if you have a lot of medication like I do and you travel with like a bunch of pills you can have an extra bag an extra carry-on bag just for your medication that they can’t charge you for. *makes angelic aaaaaaaa noise* so you can have all of your medication in a bag I have a bag that’s like this size and it’s bright orange and I can fit all of my supplements all of my medicine even my snacks that I try to bring for the plane in case I don’t want to eat whatever they have I’m not a big peanut person No thank you so I can have everything that I need my phone even maybe my cane if I need my cane in something and I’m not using it having that extra bag is so helpful so if you have that medication just like remember that it’s like oh I can have my suitcase I can have my other bag I can have my personal purse or whatever and then I can have my med bag so remember that Oh Evan also had a really good luck with compression leggings or compression socks I’m sure you’ve seen like special flying socks I’ve used those I’ve used just compression sleeves while flying and all of those are really good I don’t know why exactly legs go all crazy bad on planes but afterwards and during I just think like my legs swell or something I don’t know but the compression stuff is really good and I think underrated slightly Oh, ah! Sorry I forgot, if you’re like me and you need to drink a lot of water and you don’t like to buy water bottles because bad for the environment and also extremely costly in an airport because everything is costly in an airport hey I like to bring an empty water bottle any of my water bottles will do I just bring it empty once I get through security then I fill it up with water whoa that was scary hopefully I’m still on camera I don’t know so yeah then I can just fill it with water once I get through security and then I have water and it’s free and it’s good and it’s cold I mean good varies from place to place but it’s always drinkable decent enough water and it’s super helpful to me so I can chug all the water I want and there are plenty of accessible bathrooms so usually you can find a place to pee if you’ve got to. So keeping yourself distracted while you’re on the plane and while you’re in the airport is really important you’re gonna be in a lot of pain probably you’re probably going to have to rush in the morning to get ready and you’ll probably have worked yourself into a flair by the time you’re at your gate so it’s important to kind of take care of yourself once you get to where you’re going once you’re on the plane and you’re settled down to kind of chill yourself out before this long or short or really long air flight. Air flight? Airplane takes off. Okay so what I like to do when I’m home before I’ve left for my trip is I’ll download a bunch of Netflix shows you can download netflix documentaries shows movies everything- not everything everything but they have a lot of variety that you can choose from and then you can watch an entire show if you want to or you can catch up on whatever show everyone is like talking about or whatever documentary or whatever bullshit docu-series, looking at you Afflicted. Heeello. Ahhh. Also podcast music I subscribe to too many podcasts name and I’m embarrassed of a few of them hmm and music I like probably also embarrassed of that but just download it while you’re at home so once you’re there you don’t have to worry about paying for Wi-Fi which is an absolute joke or using your data which is paying for a Wi-Fi once again so yeah don’t do that okay I think we are back hopefully the light is okay it’s pretty late in the day but I had a lot of other stuff to do today I’ve been working really hard and you know got to make the monies so you can support the hobbies which is this. I think that’s pretty much it I did actually want to show you my knitting because I just recently took up knitting took up knitting I’m uh I’m a knitter now and I know someone’s gonna be like I’m a advanced-level knitter and you are knitting wrong look look how long and this has only been oh like a week before like very sparingly whenever I’m watching TV or just need a break from my stress and anxiety I’ve been trying to just calm myself down I started meditating actually today I got the headspace app again a subscription it’s like $13 a month which is a lot it’s a lot for meditation but hopefully it will help they have a pain management meditation pack that I started so hopefully it’ll do something for my anxiety something for my pain i when I was younger I was like f all of that meditation stupid yoga stupid acupuncture stupid but now I’m just like um I’m trying oh I’ll try I don’t know if it helps that’s cool I I’m just trying to exist and be happy so I hope you guys are doing okay if you’re not who I hope tomorrow is a better day for you I hope tomorrow is a better day for me and uh before I go I’m going to show you my bed not in a sexy way but this is my new bed but I’m so excited about I guess I just should have started it flat but look are you are you seeing are you seeing this yeah that’s right my bed moves look okay so the top of it can come up and it’s kind of like a dentist’s chair or a hospital bed but it reminds me more of a dental chair I don’t know why I’ve been in hospital beds anyway this becomes all the way up it can go pretty far oh it’s done oh oh dear there goes everything Wow there so it can go all the way like that which is pretty far up and then the bottom the feet can actually come up as well here I won’t move you guys so you can see okay so that’s the bottom I don’t let my laptop to fall but do you see that I am so excited I have to have that wedge under my legs at all times but in my bed don’t dun-dun-dun it can go really really high so my legs can be elevated and it’s not quite so difficult for me so that’s really cool that’s something my dad got me well he is in his new rental house which has a pool so I’ve been swimming in the pool and floating and existing in the water which is my happiest place to exist so anyways I hope you have enjoyed this video I am going to lay in my bed some more do some more work try to edit this video and get it up and I hope everyone is doing well and I don’t know bye guys Oh, the price. The price we pay. Wow, all righty, don’t you just love pain. Takes your breath away.