How To Replace Lexus Seat Cushion | 2005 Es 330 | Driver’S Seat

Okay, so we had a cushion for a Lexus that had a lot of rips in it. See the rips? So we decided to replace it Got new cushion. And this cushion attaches on the bottom via little hook thing. On the sides too with little plastic hook things. And then underneath there’s also more hook things. The hole is for the electric movement of the chair . And if you look on the back of here, you see that the chair attaches via screws right here. And this is wire for the electricity them. And that’s what it looks like. Now we see the chair itself which has been taken out of the car we’ll see that this is what it looks like. Mark, can you point out all the components? Yeah. You need to disconnect the main harness coming in and the air bag system, which remember you need turn off the car battery. The long wire connects here. Which wire? The long wire from the cushion connects here to the front some and then one as well in the back you wind the long wire around the other ones (wires) here so it doesn’t get tangled and it’s a otherwise straightforward and simple. So four bolts pull off the seat, take it out, flip it upside down, unhook all the stuff, disconnect the cable. Take photos you go. Straight forward. you show me how I screwed from the back no those are wire clips wire clips oh I have the pictures for it shorter shorter one here these two and this one I’ll clip onto the the tabs that’s what it looked like when the bottom and this is the the fan and the fact he had the heat and the air and now here’s what the inside of the car looked like all the parts here we are open in the kitchen backing you pull the wire true and he’s connecting at up here push push push push squish whoosh attaching use plastic clips that on the cushion to the arm metal frame over that just gotta keep pushing and pulling that fabric will get into place and then you can pull the club down to the frame I this here click click click click thank you screwdriver was this was supposed to commit here like that ok there and that makes all the electrical components for the clean cushion blog been the back part is snapped on with the side and front still or not and i have the front of the Christian I’m holding onto it seems like it takes two people for the most part what are you doing mark I forgot to pull up one of these clips that i was looking with a new one we go to this club to just hold this thing please this one goes here click im gonna plug that easy breezy right there is that keeps everything from Robin room because it travels you know let’s say winters right so what should we do everything work our way around and Doug work from one side to the other superstar pages be careful not to rip the leather and probably want to get all the snap it’s out in front right direction to them to stand down click on down just twist and slip you looking for a cliq yep more so that when clicked but i’m just going to work this way first and then come back to that one ok ok and you can handle snapping found one and it clicks into place now he’s just feeling around the whole outside make sure that everything is snapped into place correctly it’s not then it will pull out and a leather what hair fighting me these connections are from the car and basically what he’s doing is making sure that the wire it appropriately stop down so it doesn’t get loose and easily kicked away with somebody bought double check all your connections and everything you did a little more we’ve got down here problem that was going to go underneath there be very careful other part because even though you need to strap it in you don’t need to work brother turn around check check check maybe that going over this connects all about piece of plastic little who’s on both sides good and then this car this is probably marry into I move into the car and that would be what the seat looks like with all snapped in looks perfect much better than the old question