Lumbar Pillow Support🍀 (Cushion) Best Memory Foam Review 👈

nobody wants back pain having good lumbar support can help prevent back pain and make you more comfortable while sitting this is the Confom foam memory lumbar buddy this is a lumbar support pillow that you can use in your car your chair at home even at your desk office chair it features comfortable memory foam with an orthopedic design and it has a washable cover to which that’s good the memory foam softens in reaction to body heat and weight to provide custom support and this is a high density memory foam as well the fabric is a breathable and hypoallergenic so let me show you how I fit this on the chair it’s fairly simple not hard at all the two straps the stretchy straps go around the far the most part of the chair so that you can place it and then it has a nice buckle you can take it off if you want to take it off and move it and then you just click it in place to keep it in place and take care of your back so I got two of these I can put one of my desk chair and one in my car they come in black which I’ll open this one to show you and burgundy and they come in a really nice carrying bag just in case you want to transport it somewhere to put it in a different place so I’m going to open this one up for you all right and here we go that’s really nice so on the back there are two strong stretchy straps to allow you to attach them to most chairs and then here is the zipper so you can remove it the will remove the cover and wash it if you need to so if you spill something or it just ends up smelling weird you know you can go and wash it and to show you this nice memory foam like I’m gonna put my hand on and it’ll conform to your body and well it’s actually conforming to the shape of my hand it’s very soft very comfortable I’m gonna sit down and tell you a little bit more how it feels so this just feels so much more comfortable without sitting against these hard wooden slats you feel supported and so comfortable that now using the chair without it’s going to feel a lot different so comfortable really forms to your back each time I press it sinks in it stays there just imagine what how it would feel after several hours just sitting at your boring desk job so most people spend a lot of time sitting every single day so you shouldn’t overlook the importance of a lumbar body it’s very comfortable and there’s certainly economic seating lumbar support can alleviate back pain and also shoulder pain as well like I have back pain every single day in my lower back and right now just sitting in this relieves it and I feel really comfortable right now and it’s also a bit of a change because I can tell I’ve been sitting in a bad position as well so this is really great this is such a comfortable product and I definitely recommend you considering one of these please make sure you subscribe to her channel to know when the next year is coming out also continue your likes and comments we appreciate them very much check the description section below for more opportunities to follow us on social media and to contact us and to find out more about this lovely product thanks for watching