Tadge Goods Ergonomic Seat Cushion Support Review

what’s up everybody its tyler with ninja deals I got a great new review for you today I picked up the tag Goods u-shaped seat cushion I got this for 77 percent off on Amazon so it was only 20 bucks great deal I’ll post the link below if you are interested in picking it up this is an ergonomic seat cushion that is good for lower back support and ski attic nerve and all that stuff so if you have a really bad lower back like me and you are looking to get some support then this is the perfect review for you because I’m gonna open up this box and we’re gonna review this seat cushion right now okay let’s open this thing up it seems like a pretty big box or a seat cushion oh yeah this thing is humongous so let’s open this thing up okay so it comes with a little cheat on how to use it you can Mich machine wash the outside layer if you just undo this zipper here and take it out it’s pretty hard it definitely feels like it would give some good support as far as memory foam goes it’s not you know soft in any manner I’m gonna put this on my office chair and I’m gonna see how good of support it can give me okay guys so I just used the tad Goods cushion seat and I gotta say it is actually very supportive it makes you sit up straight kind of hard to slouch when you’re on it since it’s so hard and your butt fits right into these little crevices here that kind of come up at the end at the back here they come up which kind of props up your you know your lower back and makes you sit a lot straighter so it definitely feels like it gives me a good support so I would definitely pick this thing up if you are having lower back pain or you know you work an office and you sit in a chair all day like me then you definitely understand that the lower back pain is real and you know if you sit in an office all day you can get super uncomfortable and it’s really bad for your posture and while I did think that it was too big to fit in my chair it fit just fine and it provided a really comfortable supportive experience so the bottom is this kind of sticky stuff that helps stick to you know whatever seat it sends so some pros about this thing it’s really supportive for your lower back it definitely provided me a really good support another pro is the sticky bottom that kind of helps it stick to surfaces so it doesn’t move around on you and it’s surprised you know a really sturdy seating far as cons the quality could be a little bit better this material on the outside is soft but you can kind of tell you know it’s a little cheap but you know you’re sitting on it so it doesn’t really matter that much so that’s really it as far as the cons this one is a buy for sure it’s super supportive I’m definitely gonna be using this now in my office chair and maybe I’ll even get another one for my car with 77 percent off 20 bucks it’s a great deal of post link below so you can check it out be sure to subscribe to my channel I’m hosting awesome reviews every single day of the biggest deals on Amazon so be sure to follow me and I will see you next time